First Ten Pages Of A Screenplay

How do I write the first ten pages of a film script?

The exact outline really does depend on what type of story you're trying to write.

Here's a suggestion.

Start with a problem, a bad guy if you wish. Like Lord of the Rings.

Start with a hero who is totally incapable of solving the problem, living in his Ordinary World, like Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

Encourage the hero out of his Ordinary World and create obstacles to leaving the Ordinary World. Then create a reason to leave.

Include other challenges. For example, a Romantic Challenge - a romantic interest which cannot be won over yet.

Include a loyal ally who also has challenges.

Now leave the Ordinary World and grow and learn until your hero is ready to solve the problem.

Remember, when we say "like Frodo" or "like "Lord of the Rings" we are just giving you examples - the same principles apply to crime stories, romcoms or any other type of story.

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