What's the difference between a beat outline and a detailed outline?

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A beat outline is simply the story in bullet points. It still leaves you with a lot of work to do when you're writing, for example working it all out on the page with Final Draft.

A detailed outline is everything worked out during the outline stage, all the ins and outs, all the who why where and whens, everything. So that when you come to write in Final Draft, you know more or less exactly what you're going to do. 

A detailed outline is simpler to manage than a draft. It actually allows you to be much more creative - you can throw ideas in and out with little emotional attachment to see what works.

In practice, you tend to work the detailed outline in conjunction with Final Draft. For example, you'll have a ten page detailed outline and you'll need to see how much space it takes on the page, how it feels etc.

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