Does destiny and fate play a part in the hero's journey?

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The hero's journey is a metaphor for maturity and it is every youth's fate and destiny to grow up.

The hero's journey is a metaphor for becoming whole and it is one's fate and destiny to try and become whole.

The hero's journey is a metaphor for returning home and it is the lost soul's fate and destiny to try and return home.

The hero or heroine has limitations and it is their subconscious desire, fate and destiny which puts them in situations which help overcome those limitations.

Antagonisms are physical representations of psychological demons and it is the hero's fate and destiny to battle and try and subdue them.

Fate and destiny are alternative words for inevitability.

In Halloween (1978), fate and destiny are mentioned in the classroom - it is Laurie's fate and destiny to meet Michael Myers.

In In The Heat of the Night (1967), it is Virgil's fate and destiny to be trapped in Sparta until his limitations can be overcome.

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