Explosive Screenplay Beginnings

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Some films look like they start slow, but if viewed carefully they're actually explosions of information.

The Academy Award Winner In The Heat of the Night (1967) is one such example. It seems to start slow, but is actually an explosion of information.

We have Virgil Tibbs arriving and waiting at the train station until he's pulled into the Ordinary World.

We have Sam Wood insisting that he be called "Officer Wood" which links to his archetype.

We have Ralph Henshaw, the counter man at the diner, who we will later know as the murderer.

We have Sam Wood driving through the town which is about to die if it doesn't adapt to the modern age (grow up).

We have Sam Wood passing a naked Delores Purdy, who will later force Tibbs to look past his own hate of Endicott.

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