The Writing Process (Five Successful Steps)

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The first step of the writing process is understanding story structure. Knowing what needs to be done, how a story is successfully rolled out, which involves understanding the process of arc and change and the concepts of the hero's journey (the basis of all successful screenplays and stories; we have discovered more than 2000+ stages you need to know about - learn more about it at ).

The second step of the writing process is sectioning. You section the story into parts, which results from a deep understanding of story structure.

The third step of the writing process is outlining. Outlining allows you to throw ideas at your story sections and remove those ideas which do not work. Repeatedly doing this gives you a detailed outline, where you figure out exactly what is going to happen in each section and how your story will progress from beginning to end. It's much easier to work with and reconfigure an outline than a full manuscript or screenplay draft.

The fourth step in the writing process is writing out each section. This allows you to gauge how each section of your outline feels on paper, how much space it takes, what is missing and what needs to be improved. You write out each section which in effect, gives you a first draft.

The fifth step in the writing process involves refining your outline and sections. In other words, you gradually and simultaneously improve both the outline and the sections / drafts.

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