The Two Homes

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There is some confusion regarding a) the home which represents the State of Perfection and b) the home which is not perfect, which represents the Ordinary World.

The State of Perfection (SOP) is represented by home. You are cast out of the home and have to return to it, much like Adam and Eve were cast out of heaven. In the Hobbit (2012), the SOP is lost when the dwarves lose their kingdom (lose their home).
But that's not the same as the Ordinary World (OW), which is also represented by home. In the Hobbit (2012), we meet Bilbo at home in the Shire and the hobbit hole. But during the OW stage, the home is a confining place which you have to escape from.
It's much like the teenager needing to leave home (repressive Ordinary World) but will then go on to get married and create a new home (perfect).

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