Why Do Stories Need A Hero? (A Single Point-Of-View Character)

First, we're defining "hero" as a single point-of-view character, as opposed to being heroic like Superman.

Second, stories do not necessarily need a single point-of-view character - there are many ensemble stories with no discernible lead.

The reason we have a single point-of-view character is that we are communicating a message (theme) through journey and arc and a single point-of-view character allows the writer to do that in a focused way. A good example is Amazing Spiderman (2012), where everything is communicated through Peter.

When we don't have a single point-of-view character, we're splitting the functions between characters. A good example is The Magnificent Seven (1960), where Chris (Yul Brynner) is the lead but we have Chico, through which much of the change is communicated.

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